Measurement announcement re new measurement service

Dear Member,

I am excited to reveal our new audience measurement service to you after a year-long tender review. Congratulations to Effective Measure, who will replace Nielsen as our audience measurement technology partner. The attached documentation will reveal the processes we followed, motives for the change and what you now need to do to get the new tags onto your website as quickly as possible.

I know that change is difficult, but the rewards for our industry in this case will be material. We’ve significantly brought down the costs of measuring South African online activity and with our new data sharing deals, will see our data influencing decisions to push more and more money online.

There is much more to come, with new services to be rolled out later in the year. But our initial focus is to replace our current suite of services as quickly as possible. We need a collective effort to get tagged up, and fast! The new tag is very simple, and shouldn’t take long to have your technical teams insert into your pages. We are also scheduling training workshops and more information re the dates and times will be sent to you during the week. If you are tagged up by the end of February, you will have a whole month where we can work together to ensure everything is correct before the switch on April 1.

James Robertson from Effective Measure is currently in South Africa. He will be in Johannesburg until the 24th of February and in Cape Town from the 1st to 4th of March and would very much like to meet with each publishing member. Please contact James directly to set up a meeting.

I’d like to thank the sub-committee, executive and others that have supported this process over the last year. I’m confident that the next chapter of our growth will be infused with better data, covering more of our landscape and driving digital spend.

Josh Adler