wezwaWezwa is a social network that brings people closer to their favourite shows. Broadcasters and their content providers use Wezwa’s technology-platform to manage their own social-media solution tailored around their show’s content.

Exclusive, real-time updates from stars of shows are made available during or between on-air broadcasts. Concurrently, audience-members can share their views on shows’ developments and continue private conversations with friends and other fans.

Wezwa’s turnkey digital-solution is the optimal way to get an engaged audience – for TV and Radio producers, their talent, and their channels or stations. Wezwa’s technology and systems allow their partners to seamlessly manage their content, receive audience-insights, increase their reach, as well as gain revenue from Wezwa’s native-advertising service.

Wezwa means, “Have you heard” in Zulu. It is used when people share and discover new information – Wezwa is a place where this happens.

Wezwa is an independent company based in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. Please visit www.wezwa.com/info for more information.