touches the lives of South Africa’s 18 – 34 year olds by providing free, permission-based social photographic services in social contexts including bars, lounges, nightclubs, special events and beaches across the country. The brand experience makes the customer the centre of attention, creating a powerful platform off which to engage an audience in brand activation and communication campaigns relevant to their social lives.

As a specialist direct marketing and media company, delivers relevant, integrated, measurable and memorable communication solutions to its advertisers. The frequency of shift activity, the audience-relevant photographic content acquired, the heavily trafficked website to which users are directed and the respectability of as a trusted brand, combine to provide advertisers with personal 1-to-1, face-to-face, peer-to-peer, print, mobile and interactive web communication solutions.

Encounters between patrons and’s Brand Ambassadors drive our customers online to our website where they can view the photographs taken of them. The distribution of high quality branded cue cards remind patrons to visit the website to view their photos, to email them to their friends and to share them to their photo albums on Facebook. The aggregation of the personal relevance of each of the 60,000 plus photographs that we capture each month creates an online convergence of technology-savvy, aspirant, brand-conscious young adults resulting in more than 5 million page impressions being served each month across more than 130,000 visits by more than 60,000 unique browsers.

As an interactive popular culture website, has more than 550,000 registered users and hosts a live archive of more than 3 million social photographs. is poised to strengthen its position as the leader in the leisure and entertainment sector in South Africa and 2009 will see the launch of a series of exciting service innovations for both users and advertisers.