The Bounce

The Bounce Logo - New - JPGTheBounce is an engaging and relevant online sports authority that creatively balances entertainment and information in creating a comprehensive attraction for sports fans.

With a plethora of websites out there that provide up to the minute, concise technical sporting information, TheBounce saw a gap in the online market to cover the topics those more established sites were, but to do it from a fans perspective over mediums that reach them directly.

In order to stand out from the crowd, TheBounce set out to identify the needs and interests of the sporting fan, then kept plugging those touch points to provide them with a comprehensive sports base.

TheBounce sees sport as an ever evolving story, one which is punctuated by chapters, and brought to life by a variety of characters. This approach allows the fan to immerse themselves in sport like never before, and also creates a wonderful duality in that its offerings appeals to both sporting novices and experts. The easily digestible style and tone draws people in, the comprehensive content coverage keeps them in the game.

In a world where information is key, TheBounce relies on humour and engaging tone to break down boundaries and get sport to enter a variety of demographics that would have perhaps not been exposed to sport before.

Focused mainly around the sports of rugby, cricket and golf, TheBounce is a proudly South African sports offering that tackles all angles of sport to keep fans informed across the following mediums:

– Online Blog

– Twitter profile

– Fan engagement events

– Instagram

– Facebook

TheBounce has also just launched a merchandise arm which includes relevant sporting kits and male gifts.