logoSnapplify is a digital publishing solutions provider enabling publishers to distribute their content via web and mobile apps. Each App is customised to the owner’s requirements and then distributed globally via major app stores including Apple iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry World. All app development, submission and approvals are managed by Snapplify. Content may be supplied in formats such as PDFs and ePub3 or enhanced to include video, audio or interactive HTML 5 elements supported by Snapplify.

Snapplify provides clients with multiple payment options including subscriptions and vouchers, making purchasing of content easy and efficient. Multi-character sets including Arabic and Hebrew and right to left content is also supported by the Snapplify Solution.

Publishers using Snapplify have been selling rich and interactive magazines, newspapers and books by embedding videos and links. We also support automation i.e collecting content from our client’s servers and uploading it directly into their app without them having to upload manually.

If you are interested in finding out more about Snapplify or would like to see what your content will look like in an app, contact us and we will arrange a free demo for you.