Sharenet is one of South Africa’s most accessed financial and investment sites, generating around 145 000 unique visitors and an impressive 3 million page impressions per month. Sharenet also boasts a fantastic level of loyalty among its following, as unique browsers revisit Sharenet again and again. Within the DMMA (OPA), Sharenet consistently rank among the top 10 Publishers in respect to ‘user browser frequency’ according to Nielsen stats.

Sharenet also sends out on a daily basis, a market wrap written by a professional Asset Manager to over 21,000 subscribers. On a monthly basis, Sharenet, through it’s MarketViews newsletter provides top quality reading to approximately 31,000 subscribers.

The Sharenet community represents several key target markets including: people who are interested in finance and investment, people working in corporate management, decision-makers and the like. Sharenet visitors are typically high net-worth individuals who possess high levels of disposable income.

At Sharenet, our clients can find a wealth of top quality information, products and services, giving them an unprecedented head-start in the world of investing.

Sharenet also possesses the relevant licenses that allow us to provide JSE and other data to companies wishing to display share price information, the latest exchange rates and other pertinent information on their website.

Sharenet continues to innovate and to be at the forefront of any industry developments and advancements. Earlier this year, Sharenet launched an exciting venture which now offers clients the opportunity to trade stocks, CFDs and Forex on up to 23 foreign stock exchanges all with a Rand-based South African account.

Sharenet offers a whole host of other quality products including our comprehensive stock market course which prepares the candidate for a lifetime of smarter investing. Sharenet also offers powerful analytical tools and software which greatly assists in the investment decision-making process. Our online trading platform has become increasingly popular with traders and investors alike who wish to take more control over their portfolio.

Whether you are looking for real time access to prices, education, various analysis tools or to trade directly on the JSE, Sharenet is the smarter choice.