realm digital

Our Story

We are a small and exciting team sitting in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. We are techies but we are also a fun bunch.

Everything we do can be summed up in our key phrase – “Imagine then Build!” We love working with people that imagine crazy and ground-breaking ideas and then we use all our man power to create and build awesome stuff that people are not only proud of but love as much as we do!

Our History
Realmdigital is an e-Business solutions company established in 1999. We specialize in the fields of software, website development, technical consultancy, e-Marketing strategies and Internet Solutions. Our development headquarters are based in Cape Town, South Africa and we service clients both nationally and internationally.

The Realmdigital e-Business Solution, known as Realm Platform, allows our clients to manage their own websites in a user friendly manner. Realm Platform is used by leading companies worldwide to enable a wide range of online functions. Our products and services are linked with reliability, high quality and consistent support. Realmdigital builds and creates awesome technology for the web and uses their knowledge and expertise to find the best possible solutions for clients to maximize profits on the web.

Our Mission
To empower our clients with the tools and services needed to successfully and effectively conduct their business online. Our vision is to “have fun, create and inspire”. We love technology but we really love the fun we have playing with technology.

Our People
We have a team of highly skilled individuals that have worked with a wide range of organisations worldwide including household names. We are proud to have such a dynamic team where each member brings their unique qualities.