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RamsayMedia is an independent multi-media company that aims to inform, entertain and educate consumers within specialist markets.

Throughout the company’s 75 year history it has prided itself on content that is relevant, useful and informative. This content is now packaged and distributed through a variety of different products including magazines, websites, webletters, mobi sites, social networking web and mobi sites and television shows.

RamsayMedia has a number of exciting multi-platform opportunities available to marketers looking to reach these specialist audiences in an interactive way.

OUR BRANDS: CAR | Wiel | Leisure Wheels | Getaway | WINE | Popular Mechanics | Compleat Golfer | Hotel & Restaurant

Our websites: www.carmag.co.za | www.wiel.co.za | www.leisurewheels.com | www.getaway.co.za | www.winemag.co.za | www.popularmechanics.co.za | www.compleatgolfer.co.za | www.hotelandrestaurant.co.za |

Our mobi sites: http://mobile.compleatgolfer.co.za | http://mobile.getaway.co.za | http://winemag.mobi

Our television shows: www.getawaytoafrica.co.za | www.cartv.co.za