Millward Brown

logoMB_WhiteBG_Color_ScreenMillward Brown Digital is the world leader in digital insights. We offer the most trusted and thorough suite of solutions for optimizing brand, marketing and media performance. We integrate information across all digital and non-digital media, providing clients with unparalleled insights to better connect with consumers and build their brands. For advertisers, agencies, media publishers and ad networks alike, Millward Brown Digital offers the most cutting-edge and adaptable solutions to make the most of every digital marketing rand.

Our insights are supported by the world’s largest digital ad effectiveness normative database.  Our technological innovations have enabled integration between brand and behavioural data, allowing connections between consumer attitudes, online behaviours, online and offline sales, brand tracking, consumer sentiment and more. After more than a decade in the business, we’ve built strong relationships with the key players in the digital ecosystem, allowing us to execute and deliver our studies with the highest standards of excellence. We are a global powerhouse of brand knowledge with a network spanning 50+ countries.

We are a dynamic group of research and marketing professionals, energized by the rapid pace of change and dedicated to connecting the dots for true brand impact. We will always push the limits of research to ensure that marketers, agencies, ad networks, and media publishers have the most cutting-edge and adaptable solutions to make the most of every digital advertising rand spent.