Memeburn (pronounced “meem”) is a technology site tracking innovation, social media, culture and business. It plays particular attention to the web, mobile, social media, online media and social networking fields. Key opinion leaders contribute to Memeburn, providing their insights on the online industry.

Via MemeJobs the site serves as a resource for companies and job seekers in the tech sector in the broader emerging markets regions. There’s a particular focus on that hard-to-find web-savvy, entrepreneurial talent – ranging from developers to product managers to designers, writers and bloggers.

Memeburn is particularly focused on telling the world startup news and tech entrepreneurs’ stories from the emerging market sector. It’s aimed at the tech savvy and those who like to keep abreast of the latest online trends.

Although Memeburn has a particular focus on emerging markets, it tracks innovation world-wide. It was founded by South African web entrepreneur, Matthew Buckland.

Memeburn hopes to cover the emerging market tech scene in increasing scope and detail. We are particularly interested in hearing from readers and contributors from this part of the world.