Fogg Experiential Design

fogg_logoFogg Experiential Design is a division of Fog Investments Pty Ltd, and was founded in 2005.

Fogg Experiential Design is a digital agency focusing on all things digital from concept to delivery.


We thrive on creating innovative user experiences & interfaces. Ultimately keeping interactions simple – leading to high usage, which in turn leads to high revenue.

Elegant simplicity is a core focus for Fogg, and it provides real value for our clients. We believe simplicity is much harder to achieve than complexity. Many people can complicate, but it takes experience and talent to simplify something without dumbing it down.

We have key strengths that differentiate us from other design firms. The four things we hear most often are:


  • Our design work is framed by a solid strategy
  • We have a deep understanding of cross-platform design
  • Our design solutions are elegant and simple
  • We challenge and surprise our clients