Digital Fire is an e-mail marketing specialist based in Cape Town and a division of the Spencer Boyd Associates New Media Group, London. Digital Fire specializes in full service opt in e-mail marketing, providing solutions in both the local South African market and also globally for international clients predominately in the UK, EU and the USA. Our core services are:

Email Data Rental and Promo Marketing:
Digital Fire manages 650,000 (and growing every month) profiled opt in e-mails in the South African market and over 14 million internationally. We offer clients the ability to market to our profiled, carefully managed high LSM opt-in e-mail databases on a rental basis driving clearly accountable, high ROI, customer acquisition, sales and revenue.

Email Database Management
Digital Fire provides clients with a full service e-mail database management solution. This includes cleaning, profiling, broadcasting, reporting, growth strategy, cross platform marketing co ordination and business consultancy on how best to incorporate and use e-mail to drive maximum value from e-mail databases and e-mail marketing.