Beauty Bulletin


We are South Africa’s leading online beauty community and beauty network. is a Site created BY women FOR women, who love all things beauty. Our readers are able to experience and interact with beauty brands and we have a strong focus on keeping up to date with the latest ‘beauty trends’, ‘beauty product releases’ and current industry related information.

Beauty Bulletin is at the forefront of online beauty product review’s which facilitates our readers to review and rate beauty products as well as uploads their own beauty videos. The ethos of the Product Review Club is to help women make better purchasing decisions by getting the best advice on a wide range of topics from lipsticks to laser therapy.

Our Site lets our member’s blog, chat to one another about their favourite products and beauty secrets invite friends and read the latest updates directly from the various cosmetic houses. We also supply unique content directly from our Experts who write about the latest products and tips regarding hair, makeup, beauty and fashion.