What are the key changes made in July 2013 to the Constitution?

Change Rationale
The vesting of management and operating control of the DMMA in a Board of Directors, who are elected annually by the Members. This clarifies the operating structure of the DMMA in line with Section 21 law and gives day to day decision-making to a Board elected by members annually.
The Board will comprise at least two representatives from Agencies and two from Publishers, plus a treasurer. This ensures that the Board is balanced in line with the composition of the member base and no one group can override the concerns of others.
The Board will be entitled to appoint committees to perform specific functions or look after specific portfolios, and may further co-opt experts or individuals to advise and assist on specific matters. This gives the Board the right to appoint working committees to run projects aimed at delivery for the DMMA. It also means Board members don’t have to have day-to-day operational roles but that these can be delegated.
Any Director may be removed from office at any time by resolution of the Members at a meeting requisitioned for that purpose by 15% of the Members. This provides a mechanism that currently doesn’t exist for the Members to exercise oversight and control over the Board.
The removal of the current requirements, for reasons of practicality:
•       that each Membership application be approved by 75% of the Members
•       that there by not less than one DMMA meeting during any three-month period.
These notions made sense when the DMMA was a small organisation. We have not been operating along these lines for several years and this enshrines this in the constitution.
Clarification of what is meant by an Online Publisher member and the conditions to be met to become one. This takes a firm stand on SA-focus for publishers members of the DMMA.
The inclusion of “Brands” as a membership category This important interest group has been left out of DMMA thinking up until now. It is our plan to extend our existing Brand members and to bring the all-important voice of clients to the table.