DMMA Structure for 2013

As The DMMA is in its 10th year the time could not be better for us to make a few changes to our structure to ensure that we continue to grow from strength to strength.

The biggest challenge each year is finding the time in our busy work lives to ensure we deliver on the strategy and shared objectives. In the past we have voted in an Executive Committee at the AGM held in January, but history has shown us that even though the Exco has the best of intentions we find ourselves in a position where some portfolios are not looked after throughout the year as a result of the much needed time and commitment.

As a non-profit organisation with a rapidly growing member base it is pertinent to relook at how we appoint the right committee, as we are 100% dependent on this team to drive the annual initiatives.

As a Section 21 Company, we have certain requirements which include having Directors and an appointed committee. In order to ensure we have a working committee we will introduce a Steering committee to be nominated by our members and appointed by our Board. Nikki Cockcroft stays on as the only current Executive Director and will be looking to appoint a new Board of Directors over the Year. As planned in 2012 we are appointing the current Deputy Chair, Jarred Cinman, as the new DMMA Steering Committee Chairman and a Director of the Board, while Nikki Cockcroft stays on as the Executive Chair of the Board to support the plans for 2013. We would also like to welcome Theresa Vitale, as a newly appointed Director. We have prepared a starting project list for 2013 and will complete this list in the first strategy session.

To ensure we get the most out of our Steering Committee, we have put together a list of requirements so you are aware when taking on a position what the commitment entails.

Signing up for it comes with the expectation that representatives will commit time and energy to growing the digital industry in South Africa.

Volunteers should expect to commit:
1. At least 3-5 hours per week to the DMMA – sometimes more depending on the projects and portfolio you are involved in
2. To a monthly Steering Committee meeting of 1 hour via conference call at which point we will hear report backs on the work undertaken, and agree to goals for the next month
3. To travel, from time to time, on behalf of the DMMA as well as attend meetings and conferences relevant to your area of work on the DMMA
4. To participate in two full day Committee Workshops in each year to set out and work on the main DMMA goals for the year
5. To deliver on specific, agreed projects and tasks relevant to your specific portfolio within reasonable timeframes
6. Whilst we appreciate the fact that you are offering your time for free, the DMMA is a prestigious organisation trusted by paying members to deliver results. Thus the SteerCo Chairperson reserves the right to replace any Committee Member who is failing to deliver on these commitments

Members may nominate either yourselves or your colleagues whom you feel will be able to deliver the planned projects which support the Digital Industry. Nominations will still fall under the same main areas:

• Measurement
• Publishers (currently headed by Geoff Cohen)
• Agencies
• Research (currently headed by Gustav Goosen)
• Education and Transformation
• Marketing

Two portfolios have been added:
• Liaison – this portfolio will be tasked with building bilateral relationships with key partners this year.
• Regulatory Matters – this portfolio will include consulting with legal entities to provide members with advice around any regulatory issues e.g. CPA, POPI, PCI etc.

All nominations will be reviewed and nominees may be contacted prior to the appointments being made.

Nikki Cockcroft stays on as the Chair of The Bookmarks which will be run by a separate committee – anyone wanting to get involved must please email us.

Our AGM will take place later in the year post the release of our Audit.