IAB South Africa & Creative Circle Quarterly Awards

iab cc awardsThe deadline for this quarter’s IAB South Africa & Creative Circle Digital awards is no later than 5pm on the 17th of February.   The Awards are open to South African agencies only and applicable to work conceived and executed in South Africa.

Only IAB South Africa (formerly known as DMMA) & Creative Circle members qualify for entry.  A nominal entry fee of R 200.00 per entry must be paid
upfront before the entry will be considered.  In this Digital month for entries – November/December/January work can be entered.  An entry can be entered into multiple categories if applicable e.g. Mobile & Website as two separate entries for the same campaign/project.

Please submit your entry together with your proof of payment to Arlene@creativecircle.co.za  Please note unpaid entries will not be judged.
For more information visit http://www.creativecircle.co.za/awards/dmma

In 2010 the Digital Marketing & Media Association (DMMA) joined forces with the Creative Circle in establishing digital as a category within the Creative Circle’s Ad of the Month awards series.  The awards, run on a quarterly basis, look to reward creative excellence in digital marketing and advertising.  This initiative provides a powerful vehicle for the South African digital marketing industry to demonstrate its creative ability and to drive the value of innovative digital communications to clients, marketers, media and tertiary institutions.